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The team at Cowansville Historical Society is available to you in order to provide the information that it has meticulously gathered. This list is a brief Survey of the quantity and variety of information that the Cowansville Historical Society has collected throughout the years. In exchange of a donation, the collections and treasures will be revealed. Our publications related to local history contain 6000 subjects, 26 000 references, 12 Professional directories (1851-1936). an index containing 15 000 names, many pictures as well as stories on the employees of the Bruck factory. Most of the information is written in french and in English.

Our services

For many years, Société d’Histoire de Cowansville has gathered, indexed and commented an amazing and diversified quantity of information on Cowansville and the area. It has succeeded with little means and a lot of passion, to develop interesting tools to promote Cowansville’s history and architecture. We are greatful to Mr. Michel Racicot, the person presently in charge for his contribution to the follow-up for the preservation of our heritage.We must not forget our late president Jean-Paul Sirois who died in 2003. His passion for the history of Cowansville helped us better understand and love our town and its heritage

In addition to gathering this wealth of information of our heritage and to meticulously classify it, the Societé also offers many services like individual search for those who request it. The services are very diversified going from search of information to a conference on history. All of this great work is done manually and on a voluntary basis. In section ”For more information” ‘For more information”, you will find a list of articles that the people in charge have meticulously indexed. You can always contact them in person or by e-mail for a particular request. Remember that the donations are used for the survival of this organization…